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Please use these forms only if you have a specific unit you are interested in, we will not run applications without an address listed. All applicants should use the “Primary Applicant” option unless specifically instructed otherwise.  If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to check the status of your application, please contact the property manager directly; other managers and office staff will not be able to approve or deny applications or look up your results.  

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Information regarding Renting in Tacoma

Application Fees

All individuals over the age of 18 who will be residing in the home will be required to submit an application. The application fee is $55 per applicant; this charge covers our cost to run a credit report, criminal background report, and to check references to verify creditworthiness. Application fees must be paid in cashier’s checks or money orders only – we cannot accept personal checks for application fees.  We do NOT accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports.

Applicants may submit applications for a property “sight unseen” if they so desire, however, we highly recommend that they send a local friend or family member to do an interior walkthrough of the property on their behalf; some of our agents can also provide interior walkthroughs via Skype or Facetime as needed to allow you to get a better idea of the property.

Please review our list of criteria. The following guidelines are established to ensure all prospective applicants for a property will be treated equally. Approval is on a case-by-case basis.

Application Requirements

  • Verifiable gross income of three times the amount of rent.
  • Copies of 3 months of your most recent paystubs and/or other proof of income.
  • At least 3 years of continuous, positive, objective rental history. 2 verifications (current and prior) are preferred.
  • Valid social security number.
  • Two forms of valid ID from each applicant.
  • Satisfactory credit. Our preferred lower threshold for credit is a score of 650 or better.
  • All tenants MUST have renter’s insurance before they can move into any of our units. In most cases, you can acquire renter’s insurance from the same company that provides your car insurance. 

Reasons for Denial

  • We are unable to approve applicants who owe money to a previous landlord, or have an unpaid eviction on their record.
  • We cannot approve applicants with an open bankruptcy.
  • Credit score below 650.
  • Insufficient rental verifications from prior landlords.
  • Providing false, fraudulent, or misleading information, or deliberately withholding information, will result in denial of application.